About Us

ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC, is a land based recruitment agency based in the Philippines duly licensed by the Department of Labor  and Employment under  the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). 

Selection and deployment of highly skilled Filipino workers in many parts of the world is our main goal. It has developed a large pool of manpower reserves with the support of its top-caliber staff that is considered experts in the different areas of the business.

We have strengthened our institutional capability to meet all skills requirement in nearly all facets of business.

Many good things have been said about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s), the mostly outstanding of which is their being hailed as modern hero, “Mga Bagong Bayani” because their earning and dollar remittances propped up the local economy since the 70’s. The Philippines has millions of workers and professionals working abroad, sending home billions of foreign currency remittances each year, contributing substantially to the nation’s gross national product. Filipino workers are preferred over other nationals because of their invaluable competence, efficiency, adaptability and unwavering loyalty as evidenced in the Middle East crisis where most of them stuck to their jobs unmindful of the dangerous situations especially along the war zone in Iraq and Kuwait. Moreover, the Filipino workers are also proficient in the use of English language. They are also known to be hardworking, committed and dedicated to their jobs.

As manifestation of their patriotic commitment to help our country carry on its march to progress and development, our workers of various skill categories are spread worldwide making a vast contribution to the growth and modernization of their host countries. Creativity Ingenuity, Resourcefulness, fields of specialization of their achievements such as oil fields, road and bridges, airport, hospitals, power plants and agricultural development.


  • 1. To protect every citizen desiring to work overseas by securing the best possible terms and conditions of employment;
  • 2. To ensure care selection of Filipino workers for overseas employment in order to protect the good name of the Philippines abroad;
  • 3. To deploy Overseas Filipino Worker’s (OFW) only in countries where the rights of Filipino migrant workers are protected;
  • 4. To make sure that the receiving country is taking positive and concrete measures to protect the rights of migrant workers;
  • 5. To continuous improved system of service delivery to better its clients.
  • 6. To provide our employees with opportunities to develop and advance commerce and information technology to continuously develop a competitive advantage in the delivery of our services.
  • 7. To serve employers by providing well-fit, honest and dedicated manpower and cost-efficient benefits commensurate to their individual needs.
  • 8. To build a wholesome relationship between and among the employers and the workers by including the values of integrity and honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness, openness and understanding of the international marketplace.


To become the employer’s only choice/preferred Recruitment Agency base on our excellent quality of performance and to become the leading recruitment company in the Philippines and make waves in the international trades by providing excellent services through good leadership, quantities, teamwork, extensive networking skills and effective interpersonal skills.


  • 1. To provide globally competitive manpower services in different countries of the world where Filipino workforce is needed.
  • 2. To accommodates highly motivated individuals who are globally competitive in their fields of specialization in the workplace.3. To maintain high quality services as an important salient features in the company’s program.


  • 1. ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC. maintains a high standard of qualifications for all applicants.
  • 2. Only highly qualified employees/workers are deployed overseas.
  • 3. The owners and the employees of the recruitment firm believes that they are all accountable to God for everything they do.


Our deployment staff have been known for their adaptability, perseverance, & smooth interpersonal relations. We ensure that before their deployment, they attend briefings and seminars that would prepare them psychologically and emotionally, to boost their morale, and productivity. We also require some of our candidates to undergo further training to accredited training centers to review and upgrade their current skills and competencies.

Intensive Screening, Through Assessment, JobMatching

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