Our company believes in long-term business relationship – a relationship that is mutual, wherein all parties would win. Our business is about people. Our employees are our true and most valuable asset. Our motivated workplace is our passport to success. We firmly believe that valuing our employees and taking care of them are cornerstone for cultivating a corporate culture of performance and excellence.

Performance excellence, driven by dedication and motivation, is pre-requisites for achieving and exceeding customer satisfaction, creating stakeholder value, and meeting future demands and needs.
Our company is the best business partner for the following reasons:
  • We give you convenience – we reply to all e-mail inquiries within 15 minutes.
  • Our staff can be reached thru different media of communication – thru landline phones, thru email, thru web conferencing, thru SMS, thru Viber, thru Facebook, and other popular messaging applications.
  • We treat our customers as our most valuable assets. Attending to the needs and requests our customers is our utmost concern.
  • Candidates undergo rigid and strict screening. We make sure they have the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes that would fit the employer’s criteria.
  • As much as possible, we let the candidates be prepared earlier, so that they would be deployed on time or as scheduled.
In order to have a consistent and unprecedent growth, the company lives in its culture of:
  • Continuous improvement of its system, policies, and structure
  • Passion for excellence
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Whole-hearted service

Highly Skillful, Highly Educated, Highly Experienced

Our selection criteria include several key components that will need to be verified before the recruitment process begins. For example, we would need to establish the skills and experience required, technical competencies and key performance indicators for the position, which would be provided in writing for your approval. We will then create the Job Personality Profile to provide us with the personality traits to look for during the recruitment process.

ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC., uses a personality profile system to profile both the job and candidate personalities. We will analyze the job’s required traits and the adaptations that may be made in behavior, in order to meet the needs of a working situation. This provides us with the key personality traits that we will be looking for during the recruitment process and forms the basis for the behavior based interview questions.
  • We listen to our client to identify each trait required for their position; skills, experience, and attitude. Our priority is to get background information relative to the job. The more information we gather, the more successful the placement.
  • It is this early stage that makes what we do unique. Firstly, we actively source candidates using standard online and print advertising, candidate database and candidate referrals. Secondly, we utilize our extensive personal networks. We have a strong network of proven candidates that reflect the ethos and the quality of what we do in their own work, and we attempt to avail of these where possible.
  • The best candidates are then shortlisted and interviewed face-to-face. Applying all the information we gathered in Step 1 and vast industry knowledge of the recruiters, we can make an accurate judgment to whether the candidate is exactly what the client wants.
  • All candidates supply a minimum of three work references, we verify all the candidate’s abilities, work history and qualifications. If a client requires we can also facilitate Drug and Alcohol tests as well as Police Clearance checks.

Intensive Screening, Through Assessment, Job Matching

ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC., specializes in finding candidates that are difficult to source. Effective sourcing is crucial to any recruitment program. All our candidates undergo rigid and intensive screening, so we make sure only those with relevant and suitable knowledge and experience would be lined up for interview.


We believe that for certain positions a search program could be an effective way of sourcing candidates. The program would involve contracting people in the industry to ask whether they know of anyone who may be interested in the vacancies. By using approach, we are indirectly asking whether they might be interested in the role. We go directly to the source of the candidates that the client desires.

Newspaper Advertisement

We can run press advertising all over the country. We use a unique layout and design to attract attention and will also ensure that the content of the ad creates an impact to entice candidates to apply.

Candidate Referral Program

Candidate Referral Program The Candidate Referral Program is designed to reach a much wider group of people than just the applicants registered on our database. We use our candidate networks to broaden our database of qualified applicants suited to our client needs.

Internet Advertisement

Social media advertising works very well provided it is managed correctly. Advertisements are presented to a job seeker in date order, i.e. the most recently placed ad will be the top of the list. We have a recruitment administrator who is responsible for ensuring that the ads we place remain at the top of this list by refreshing them on a regular basis. We also monitor the statistics relating to each ad to see how many people have viewed the details, versus how many have applied for the position.

Database Candidate Search

Our database of candidates is full of experienced and talented people. This valuable point of reference allows us to search any criteria including; skills, experience, location and availability date, amongst other things. This system also allows us to see the candidate’s previous work history making it very easy for any consultant to review the candidate’s details and quickly decide whether they are suited to a position.

Personality Profiling

We believe that a successful match between the job and candidate will improve longevity of a placement and will also provide key management and motivational suggestions. During the process the personality of the candidate will be verified at three different stages; during the interview, from the results of the personality profile and during the reference check. All candidates will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will provide a report of their internal, external and summary profiles along with a textual report indicating strengths, weaknesses, management styles etc. This profile is the assessed alongside the Job Personality Profile to see how well suited this candidate is to the position.

Behavioral Based Interview

The basic premise behind the behavioral based interview is this; the most accurate predictor of the future performance is past performance in a similar situation. It provides a more objective set of facts allowing a consultant to make a more informed decision about whether a candidate is suited to a position.

Reference Checks

ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC., has an advanced, customized reference checking utility. The benefits of this system are; that it streamlines the process even further and it ensures that a candidate’s personality and ability to meet the selection criteria are verified for a third time. The program is quick and easy to use ensuring that we can present candidates to you as quickly as possible.

Skill Testing

ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC., has specific testing software with numerous tests available. We Ask all candidates registering to work to complete a Spelling, Grammar, Numeracy and Reasoning test. We would be happy to include further testing in the process if required. Once the above process has been completed we will present short-listed candidates. We require all our workers to undergo training. We do not only train them in terms of skills and knowledge but in terms of attitude as well, that’s why our training programs include, personality enhancement, right manners and attitude refinement. We also offer specialized training based on clients and employers request and standards.